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Apink 에이핑크 덤더럼(Dumhdurum) Music Video Official 03:41
Producer REACTS to Apink 에이핑크 덤더럼(Dumhdurum) MV 31:03
unpopular opinions of the big 3 girl groups ( reddit ) *robot voice* 05:59
Unpopular kpop opinions no one asked for but are still here 06:01
UNTALENTED idols 08:36


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responding to unpopular kpop opinions i saw on reddit 06:30
My *sort of* unpopular K-POP opinions | kiwi sweeti 03:10
Kpop unpopular opinions that makes me dumhdurum .|| actually unpopular 10:07
KAACHI 'Your Turn' Official Choreography Video (Mansion Cut) 03:02
ONE SENTENCE unpopular kpop opinions *kinda short* 03:40
My unpopular Kpop opinions pt.2 (Very Offensive) 12:33
♡Unboxing Apink 에이핑크 8th Mini Album PERCENT %% 응응 (Red & White Ver.)♡ 11:37
KPOP Stage Outfit Ranking! (SUBSCRIBER SUGGESTIONS!) 14:43
Apink (에이핑크) - NoNoNo (노노노) Center Distribution | Spectral KPOP 03:03
Apink Dumhdurum MV Pit compilation 00:21

Apink Dumhdurum MV Pit compilation...

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responding to unpopular kpop opinions i found on reddit (part 2) 06:29
Apink (에이핑크) - Dumhdurum (덤더럼) Color Coded Lyrics [Han/Rom/Indo] 03:28
The Real Explanation Behind This “Impossible” Optical Illusion In Apink’s “Dumhdurum” Choreo. 02:05
My Unpopular Kpop Opinions 08:47

My Unpopular Kpop Opinions...

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managing BLACKPINK for ONE YEAR 06:35

managing BLACKPINK for ONE YEAR...

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[K-Choreo 6K] 에이핑크 직캠 '덤더럼(Dumhdurum)' (Apink Choreography) l @MusicBank 200417 03:41
Producer REAGIERT auf [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I'm so sick(1도 없어) 15:39
[MV] Stella Jang(스텔라장) _ Villain(빌런) 03:13
Producer REAGIERT auf [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ %%(Eung Eung(응응)) 14:06
Producer REACTS to EXO 엑소 Misheard Lyrics - Try Not To Laugh 21:35